Bon Iver.

I’ve been feeling in the music mood while blogging apparently, because here’s another one. This past Monday, I had the opportunity to attend the Bon Iver homecoming show in Eau Claire. The main guy from Bon is Justin Vernon and he grew up in this city. It was my first time there and it’s BEAUTIFUL. And man, do they love their Bon Iver. The line to get in the door was blocks and blocks long. When tickets for this show went up for sale, you couldn’t purchase them online but only in person. This resulted in hundreds of people camping out outside the ticket window in anticipation. It was such a big deal that big news stations picked up the story and aired it live. This gave me goosebumps ! Seeing people come together like that out of pure loyalty for an artist, it definitely gave me hope that all is not lost in terms of genuine success. Justin has been in numerous bands and had many solo endevours and it wasn’t until he had lost all hope and retreated into the woods that he came up for the inspiration for Bon Iver. It was his honest want and need to share his message to the world that propelled him to do this. And he never gave up, which is the coolest of all.

Not to be cheesy. I just thought it was awesome and the show was UNBELIEVABLE. It was absolutely packed and Bon did not disappoint. It’s also been annouced that he’s up for four grammy’s. No big deal.

Here’s a picture of the auditorium during the concert. Unreal.



this is my blog about woody allen

Thanksgiving break is magical. You get to come home, sleep alone in a quiet room, root through a well-stocked fridge, etc. But when i got home, the real joy for me was the PBS program that my dad had taped. PBS does this thing called American Masters where they make documentaries about all kinds of things. Sounds riveting, i know, but when i came home on Wednesday my dad informed me the he taped one about Woody Allen. WOODY ALLEN. I freaking love him. and the only reason I love him is because my dad has some sort of man crush on him and so my entire childhood became devoted to watching ever single piece of his work. My dad was not concerned about my bike riding skills or the loss of my first tooth, but my knowledge of Woody Allen the legend was of the utmost importance. And guess what dad, IT WORKED. Woot. Your job as a parent is done.

Anyways, Woody Allen really is my favorite film maker and this documentary about him only reassured my love for him. At one point when he was asked why he kept making movies even though they rarely produced a lot of audience turn out or good reviews, he said “I don’t care much about public success. I just make what i want when and ignore the rest.” Thank you Woody, you are forever inspirational. Except when you talk about death, you pessimist.

This has no relation to anything, I just really didn’t know what to blog about.

love me some minnesota music.

Lately, I’ve been listening to a TON of local Minnesota music. For such a suburban and farm ridden Midwestern state, it turns out a lot of good musicians. It has it’s host of music legend whose roots are deep in this lovely bread basket state. Names like Bob Dylan and Prince are familiar to just about everyone, but they’re sources of pride for us Minnesotans. Even better, my home state has a plethora of newly emerging and underground music. Minneapolis and St Paul’s music scene is mostly known for the hip hop artists and rappers; so much so that many people say there’s a distinct Minnesotan hip hop sound. And no, not just because we have that long O accent (we need to let people know that Fargo was NOT an accurate depiction of our accents), but the movement is so concentrated in the cities that they artists have developed their own sound brand.

Once unknown, the hip hop label Rhymsayers has exploded in popularity in today’s urban and suburban youth. Thanks to concert extravaganzas such as Soundset, extremely talented artists are getting their name and sound out there. Here are some of my favorites Minnesotan artists, because I’m sure you’re all just dying to know:

Atmoshpere: Just about everyone whose a high school or college student in Minnesota and Wisconsin knows about this guy. Slug’s been rapping in his home state for twenty years, and he continues to make relevant music.

Dessa: High school english teacher by day, rapper by night? If that’s not cool, I don’t know what is. Her distinct voice is recognizable anywhere.

Grieves: Gotta love nerdy looking, crazy good rappers. I’m going to marry him someday, not that that’s relevant to this blog. Met him at Soundset, I’ve never been the same since..

Brother Ali: this big white guy is scary, but he’s got super good beats and his lyrics are awesome.

I really don’t know a lot about these rappers, just that I like them all a lot and felt like sharing that with my dear internet audience. So to the two people reading this today, thank you for being awesome and enjoy my very well written, well researched blog. HA.

Here’s a link to a Dessa song I can’t stop listening to. She’s the SHIT.

“Love is like liquor, it burns as it moves you.

Far as I figure, there’s nobody fireproof.”

college kid problems.

College is hard. We’re always tired, there’s a million things going on all the time, and we’re practically living on top of each other. You can’t take a decent nap without your neighbor screeching like a banshee over the Vikings game or some guy meowing outside your window. Everyone is sick all the time, and don’t even get me started about Harvey hill. I shudder at the thought of that thing come winter. Also, I hit my elbow on just about ever piece of protruding furniture in my match box of a dorm room. I’m gonna have serious elbow malformations in a few years. And I take great pride in my elbows, as I’m sure you all do too.

But i have a room, that is not in my house back home. I have food that is tastey edible. It turns out there are weirdo people like me in this world, and a lot of them happened to be placed on the same floor as me. Who woulda thunk. I have a bike that I can ride, a laptop that is way nicer than I could ever afford, my own mail box with my very own mailbox key, and I have opportunity, most importantly. I can be whatever I want (mom and dad were right) regardless of this job market. We are an innovative generation and nothing’s going to stop us. Yeah ! Mid-air freeze frame high five time.

I’m sure this all very touching to you readers out there. Just feeling a little sentimental. Been listening to a lot of Bon Iver. Also I’m hopped up on benadryl, but I don’t know if that is appropriate to put on the internet. Allergic reactions be a bitch and benadryl is a LIFE SAVER. I don’t have a problem. If you are still reading this, you are amazing. Here is a video, enjoy, you awesome patient blog reader you.

There it is.

Occupy Together.

Occupy Wallstreet.  This phrase should be familiar to you basically if you don’t live under a rock.

Minneapolis, MN represent !

Throughout the past two weeks, the only news i’ve heard about is that of this protest and the ones spurred from it in other cities. It is plastered all over my favorite news cites, from pictures of colorful protesters and their homemade signs, to stories behind these people’s passion for equality and pictures of policy brutality.

Many people have very little insight into the reason for this protest however. What do these people mean when they say “We are the 99%”? Why is WallStreet being targeted ? Why the hell is this such a big deal ? Well, it’s a big deal because it affects just about everyone in America. What’s the 99%? You, most likely, unless you make over a million dollars. The top one percent of Americans are living better than ever, while the rest of us are struggling to find jobs and make end’s meet. There are stories of people who have masters degrees who can’t find a job flipping burgers at McDonalds. The fact the our government is so influenced by the corporations and businesses is the main problem. This protest is saying we need to raise taxes on the fat cat millionaires in the one percent, instead of saying their money will eventually trickle down and everything will just figure itself out.

The media has been a very influential role in the progression of the Occupy movement. If it weren’t for the internet and sites like twitter, no one would give a damn. Especially no one my age, or younger. But this movement is being propelled by it and it is precisely our demographic that is most involved. This is our future, isn’t it ? We’re all

college students and know that obtaining a degree is not cheap, so it would be nice to know that it actually does help us get a real job in the big world. If it wasn’t for the media we might not know about this cause that so directly affects our future. It also helped spread the movement beyond Wallstreet. The movement is now referred to as Occupy Together, because over a hundred different cities have joined in the cause. Even Boise, Idaho, and when do you ever hear about Idaho doing anything !

I hope that this movement helps big things happen. It will probably just end up being another Twitter hash phrase, but let’s just pretend for now.

Yay rambling rants about politics. Who doesn’t love ’em.

If you’re interested or want more, here here and here are some links to check out. Get involved !

Also, thisarticle gives me hope. And feel less guilty about eating a hole Cinnabun pint by myself.

Oh, and everyone should watch this.

Coffee: The Last Cheap Drug?

As all of you probably well know, five days ago was National Coffee Day. This day was created to celebrate and honor the substance that more than fifty percent of Americans drink on a daily basis. On this day we Americans commemorate our local barista and show more respect to the grimy coffee pot perched on our counter.  This magical elixir is the fuel of soccer moms and the life line all modern American corporations. Caffeine is the most widely used stimulant in the world, and what better way to get a fix than to drink a steaming cup of coffee.

People rarely know that coffee is the second most valuable commodity globally, behind oil. The coffee industry around the world makes 60 billion dollars. No wonder your large caramel cappuccino cost five bucks ! These people are out to make a profit on your addiction. Cold hearted bastards. I hope they know that little to nothing can be done, especially for a sleep and morally deprived college student, without at least three cups of coffee. And we’re all on budgets people. Coffee may be the last cheap (and legal) drug, but that does not means it’s inexpensive.

It’s worth the price however, because it appears that coffee is also magic. It has been proven to reduce the risk of depression in women (obviously, it’s awesome), reduce the risk of Parkinson’s among men by half, lower chances of diabetes, lower your blood pressure and just generally make you invincible. There is also some research, thanks to Harvard, that it may contain some “anti-cancer properties.” Uhm, yep.

So what does this have to do with Professional Communications you may ask? Well, nothing. I just needed to make a blog and there is little I know better than coffee.  Coffee does however affect one’s ability to communicate with other people and be productive in an office environment. Cubicle farms have coffee breaks all the time, and that’s because you need a little pick me up to stay sane in that environment. This is relevant to my future career, because God knows I’ll end up being a secretary or something. Just kidding. But seriously..

Anyways, in order to celebrate the famed National Coffee Day (five days late, but that’s when cool people do), I suggest you go start up that coffee pot or make the short walk to Acoustic Cafe. At least on this day we can get our fix with the knowledge and satisfaction that it’s so omnipotent in our society, we made it a national holiday. How ’bout that.

And if you’re one of the poor souls who doesn’t partake in this national pastime and you’re feeling left out, it was also National Poisoned Blackberry day. So.

I got most of my facts from this website. Go learn about coffee. DO IT.