Coffee: The Last Cheap Drug?

As all of you probably well know, five days ago was National Coffee Day. This day was created to celebrate and honor the substance that more than fifty percent of Americans drink on a daily basis. On this day we Americans commemorate our local barista and show more respect to the grimy coffee pot perched on our counter.  This magical elixir is the fuel of soccer moms and the life line all modern American corporations. Caffeine is the most widely used stimulant in the world, and what better way to get a fix than to drink a steaming cup of coffee.

People rarely know that coffee is the second most valuable commodity globally, behind oil. The coffee industry around the world makes 60 billion dollars. No wonder your large caramel cappuccino cost five bucks ! These people are out to make a profit on your addiction. Cold hearted bastards. I hope they know that little to nothing can be done, especially for a sleep and morally deprived college student, without at least three cups of coffee. And we’re all on budgets people. Coffee may be the last cheap (and legal) drug, but that does not means it’s inexpensive.

It’s worth the price however, because it appears that coffee is also magic. It has been proven to reduce the risk of depression in women (obviously, it’s awesome), reduce the risk of Parkinson’s among men by half, lower chances of diabetes, lower your blood pressure and just generally make you invincible. There is also some research, thanks to Harvard, that it may contain some “anti-cancer properties.” Uhm, yep.

So what does this have to do with Professional Communications you may ask? Well, nothing. I just needed to make a blog and there is little I know better than coffee.  Coffee does however affect one’s ability to communicate with other people and be productive in an office environment. Cubicle farms have coffee breaks all the time, and that’s because you need a little pick me up to stay sane in that environment. This is relevant to my future career, because God knows I’ll end up being a secretary or something. Just kidding. But seriously..

Anyways, in order to celebrate the famed National Coffee Day (five days late, but that’s when cool people do), I suggest you go start up that coffee pot or make the short walk to Acoustic Cafe. At least on this day we can get our fix with the knowledge and satisfaction that it’s so omnipotent in our society, we made it a national holiday. How ’bout that.

And if you’re one of the poor souls who doesn’t partake in this national pastime and you’re feeling left out, it was also National Poisoned Blackberry day. So.

I got most of my facts from this website. Go learn about coffee. DO IT.


3 responses to “Coffee: The Last Cheap Drug?

  1. You really have a good sense of humor throughout this blog post and I like that even though your writing I am able to pick up on it! The fact that you went and looked up information also makes this a interesting blog post and I didn’t get bored reading it. I won’t lie I was one of the people that didn’t know it was national coffee day, and now I feel as if I know more coffee facts that I had ever known before (because I barley knew about it anyway) The thing that I liked the most though was how you tilted the post, because that is really the best way to describe coffee. I never really thought of it as a drug, but now I can defiantly see how people see it as a “drug”, because of how you described it! 🙂

  2. I believe every day should be National Coffee Day. Today, I am continuing the celebration by drinking two extra cups. The people I work with will LOVE me.

  3. I love all the stuff you say in your post. It is so interesting that coffee can have such a positive effect on your health. Helping with depression and possibly helping prevent cancer. This is a wonderful thing to think about, it also is a great pick me up 🙂 I always like to just put a little milk and sugar and thats all I need 🙂 some people need all the espresso and cream and that ruins some of the effects because espresso seems to make people a little more jittery ( or at least from my experiences ). I was a barista so I understand what is put in all the drinks so I think that just a regular cup of joe is the way to go 🙂

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