Occupy Together.

Occupy Wallstreet.  This phrase should be familiar to you basically if you don’t live under a rock.

Minneapolis, MN represent !

Throughout the past two weeks, the only news i’ve heard about is that of this protest and the ones spurred from it in other cities. It is plastered all over my favorite news cites, from pictures of colorful protesters and their homemade signs, to stories behind these people’s passion for equality and pictures of policy brutality.

Many people have very little insight into the reason for this protest however. What do these people mean when they say “We are the 99%”? Why is WallStreet being targeted ? Why the hell is this such a big deal ? Well, it’s a big deal because it affects just about everyone in America. What’s the 99%? You, most likely, unless you make over a million dollars. The top one percent of Americans are living better than ever, while the rest of us are struggling to find jobs and make end’s meet. There are stories of people who have masters degrees who can’t find a job flipping burgers at McDonalds. The fact the our government is so influenced by the corporations and businesses is the main problem. This protest is saying we need to raise taxes on the fat cat millionaires in the one percent, instead of saying their money will eventually trickle down and everything will just figure itself out.

The media has been a very influential role in the progression of the Occupy movement. If it weren’t for the internet and sites like twitter, no one would give a damn. Especially no one my age, or younger. But this movement is being propelled by it and it is precisely our demographic that is most involved. This is our future, isn’t it ? We’re all

college students and know that obtaining a degree is not cheap, so it would be nice to know that it actually does help us get a real job in the big world. If it wasn’t for the media we might not know about this cause that so directly affects our future. It also helped spread the movement beyond Wallstreet. The movement is now referred to as Occupy Together, because over a hundred different cities have joined in the cause. Even Boise, Idaho, and when do you ever hear about Idaho doing anything !

I hope that this movement helps big things happen. It will probably just end up being another Twitter hash phrase, but let’s just pretend for now.

Yay rambling rants about politics. Who doesn’t love ’em.

If you’re interested or want more, here here and here are some links to check out. Get involved !

Also, thisarticle gives me hope. And feel less guilty about eating a hole Cinnabun pint by myself.

Oh, and everyone should watch this.


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