college kid problems.

College is hard. We’re always tired, there’s a million things going on all the time, and we’re practically living on top of each other. You can’t take a decent nap without your neighbor screeching like a banshee over the Vikings game or some guy meowing outside your window. Everyone is sick all the time, and don’t even get me started about Harvey hill. I shudder at the thought of that thing come winter. Also, I hit my elbow on just about ever piece of protruding furniture in my match box of a dorm room. I’m gonna have serious elbow malformations in a few years. And I take great pride in my elbows, as I’m sure you all do too.

But i have a room, that is not in my house back home. I have food that is tastey edible. It turns out there are weirdo people like me in this world, and a lot of them happened to be placed on the same floor as me. Who woulda thunk. I have a bike that I can ride, a laptop that is way nicer than I could ever afford, my own mail box with my very own mailbox key, and I have opportunity, most importantly. I can be whatever I want (mom and dad were right) regardless of this job market. We are an innovative generation and nothing’s going to stop us. Yeah ! Mid-air freeze frame high five time.

I’m sure this all very touching to you readers out there. Just feeling a little sentimental. Been listening to a lot of Bon Iver. Also I’m hopped up on benadryl, but I don’t know if that is appropriate to put on the internet. Allergic reactions be a bitch and benadryl is a LIFE SAVER. I don’t have a problem. If you are still reading this, you are amazing. Here is a video, enjoy, you awesome patient blog reader you.

There it is.


2 responses to “college kid problems.

  1. grace.arneberg

    I definitely know how you feel about the lack of space, quietness, all that stuff. Oh, and the elbows. What a price we have to pay.
    I love your posts, subtle humor and all. And yes, it was quite sentimental. YAY BON IVER, seriously I love him so much.
    I hope your allergies get better! That way we can continue talking about your puppy in Spanish class.

  2. I like your post. It is so true about the dorms so tiny and for so much money. When I had my roommate she was barely ever home so it was a good thing I could have extra room. Especially when I was an art major and having to do all nighters with all my stuff all over the room ehhh. No BUENO!!!
    That hill always killed me and it always had atleast 5 people using crutches every winter. It’s crazy!! But I went on campus to the University of Kansas for 2 weeks this past august and i had to walk up this TORTURING HILL about a mile… IT SUCKED!! but now i have no hills to walk up and like that better 🙂 About the music, no idea who Bon Iver is :/ sorry. I usually don’t listen to different kind of music then whats mainstream so I really don’t know much butI like your picture of your high five!!

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