love me some minnesota music.

Lately, I’ve been listening to a TON of local Minnesota music. For such a suburban and farm ridden Midwestern state, it turns out a lot of good musicians. It has it’s host of music legend whose roots are deep in this lovely bread basket state. Names like Bob Dylan and Prince are familiar to just about everyone, but they’re sources of pride for us Minnesotans. Even better, my home state has a plethora of newly emerging and underground music. Minneapolis and St Paul’s music scene is mostly known for the hip hop artists and rappers; so much so that many people say there’s a distinct Minnesotan hip hop sound. And no, not just because we have that long O accent (we need to let people know that Fargo was NOT an accurate depiction of our accents), but the movement is so concentrated in the cities that they artists have developed their own sound brand.

Once unknown, the hip hop label Rhymsayers has exploded in popularity in today’s urban and suburban youth. Thanks to concert extravaganzas such as Soundset, extremely talented artists are getting their name and sound out there. Here are some of my favorites Minnesotan artists, because I’m sure you’re all just dying to know:

Atmoshpere: Just about everyone whose a high school or college student in Minnesota and Wisconsin knows about this guy. Slug’s been rapping in his home state for twenty years, and he continues to make relevant music.

Dessa: High school english teacher by day, rapper by night? If that’s not cool, I don’t know what is. Her distinct voice is recognizable anywhere.

Grieves: Gotta love nerdy looking, crazy good rappers. I’m going to marry him someday, not that that’s relevant to this blog. Met him at Soundset, I’ve never been the same since..

Brother Ali: this big white guy is scary, but he’s got super good beats and his lyrics are awesome.

I really don’t know a lot about these rappers, just that I like them all a lot and felt like sharing that with my dear internet audience. So to the two people reading this today, thank you for being awesome and enjoy my very well written, well researched blog. HA.

Here’s a link to a Dessa song I can’t stop listening to. She’s the SHIT.

“Love is like liquor, it burns as it moves you.

Far as I figure, there’s nobody fireproof.”


One response to “love me some minnesota music.

  1. You know what you are absolutely right! Minnesota does have good artists. I like this because my grandma lives in Hibbing, MN where Bob Dylan is from. Not gonna lie, Hibbings not the most fun place to be in the world, but it has a small town charm, and their pride in being the hometown of such an amazing artist is heartwarming. If you’ve ever been there you’d know what im talking about. They have a Bob Dylan restaurant, Bob Dylan streets, and even Bob Dylan’s portrait is painted on the garage of the house he grew up in. Not saying that you should go out of your way to see this, but its kind of cool if your in the area and wanna do something fun, and touristie:)

    Also, I was wondering if you’ve heard of Prof? He is also from the cities, and if you like Atmosphere and Brother Ali you’d probably like him too:) I’ve never heard the other two artists you mentioned but I’ll be sure to look them up now!

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