Bon Iver.

I’ve been feeling in the music mood while blogging apparently, because here’s another one. This past Monday, I had the opportunity to attend the Bon Iver homecoming show in Eau Claire. The main guy from Bon is Justin Vernon and he grew up in this city. It was my first time there and it’s BEAUTIFUL. And man, do they love their Bon Iver. The line to get in the door was blocks and blocks long. When tickets for this show went up for sale, you couldn’t purchase them online but only in person. This resulted in hundreds of people camping out outside the ticket window in anticipation. It was such a big deal that big news stations picked up the story and aired it live. This gave me goosebumps ! Seeing people come together like that out of pure loyalty for an artist, it definitely gave me hope that all is not lost in terms of genuine success. Justin has been in numerous bands and had many solo endevours and it wasn’t until he had lost all hope and retreated into the woods that he came up for the inspiration for Bon Iver. It was his honest want and need to share his message to the world that propelled him to do this. And he never gave up, which is the coolest of all.

Not to be cheesy. I just thought it was awesome and the show was UNBELIEVABLE. It was absolutely packed and Bon did not disappoint. It’s also been annouced that he’s up for four grammy’s. No big deal.

Here’s a picture of the auditorium during the concert. Unreal.



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