“Is Nothing Sacred?”

Today as I was browsing Huffington post for my usual dose of gossip and pointless information, I came across an article about Hollywood remakes. These seem to be an epidemic sweeping Hollywood and the reporter Lucas Kavner tells us why. “Studios are fixed on the idea of pre-sold or recognizable brands.” Hollywood sees where the most profit potential may be, and apparently it’s in movies that have already made an impact on people.

A few movies on the docket to be remade are eighties films such as Footloose and Dirty Dancing. Those are classics! I can’t imagine a remake being anywhere close to as good as the original. Can nothing be left untouched? At what point do we have to leave the past be? Are we going to be seeing a revived Spiderman every five years? Can we count on all our favorite teenage-classic eighties flicks being remastered? Do we want that?

Personally, I think if you got it right the first time leave it alone. I understand the producers and investors concern with bottom lines, but I think that causes a lot of really solid, inspired ideas to fall by the wayside. Is creativity being overshadowed by the need to produce blockbusters? We’re losing the whole feel of film making as an art form because of the highest-grossing movie obsession.

This ties in with every kind of media art form. Journalism: no longer about getting news to the public, but about getting reactions from the public. It’s all buzz because buzz sells. The art of journalism is dead. It’s the same for music: it’s no longer about evoking emotion and sharing a message. Play the four notes that have been scientifically proven to be appealing and you have a hit. We need to be bold and unabashed in our creativeness. Art isn’t about appealing to the masses, it’s about causing a stir. Most of the time it’s about being unappealing.

This was not meant to be preachy. I just get very passionate about sell outs.

Here’s the link to the article “Hollywood’s Remake Factory” from Huffington post. It’s good. Read it. Then go watch some cat videos, Huffington has some gems.


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